The Sphere


Set about the steampunkish era, the world you live in is a little strange – it’s a massive sphere, but as opposed to living on the outside, you live on the inside.
The sphere itself is 15,000 km in diameter, with the interior space being 12,000 km in diameter.There is a small sun in the center, a yellow dwarf of about 4,000 km in diameter
Around this sun orbits a small disc, almost like a contact lens, and the shadow it casts causes a phenomenon similar to night within the Sphere. it’s known colloquially as the “dark hours”. There are certain areas at the poles of the sphere that do not ever have dark hours, and they are known as the Scorched Lands. Nothing survives in them.

Otherwise outside of these areas are Citadels, which are massive structures of trade, knowledge and power where need be. Countries do not exist, simply city-states surrounding the Citadels. However, the areas outside the citadels are free to rule and govern themselves.

To specify on technology, swords and other melee weapons are equally as common as small pistols.

The Sphere

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