Laws of the Citadels



Psionics are tagged and labeled with special permits – if you don’t keep yours in-date, you’ll get thrown out of the citadel and they keep your stuff. They are subjected to several tests and qualifications of different sorts (depending on which Citadel they’re in) monthly to bi-monthly and are usually fairly roughed up during the process.


Sorcerers are tagged, but they aren’t regarded with as much animosity as psionics are. They have to submit to a monthly survey, wherein a guard enters their home and asks them a series of questions.


Wizards are usually in frequent trouble with their wands, but are mostly accepted. Often, guards will stop them and check their wands even if their wands were not visible. Things get iffy if a wizard is found yet does not have a wand on them.


Warblades are treated on a case-by-case basis regarding the school from which they hail. Obviously, Warblades from evil schools are openly shunned. Those from other schools, though, specifically those from Lawful schools, are often welcomed for their commitments to honor, fame, and open willingness to aid the city guard and assist in attacking and taking down nearby illegal operations. As such, it is easy for Warblades to gain a permit to carry ceremonial weapons inside the Citadels, and it’s not difficult for them to convince guards to allow them to carry even mundane weapons. However, magical or psionic warblades are treated as wizards or psions would be.


Entering any citadel (legally) will force you to give up all weapons and noticably enchanted armor. You may reclaim these on your legal exit to the city if you have no outstanding fines, warrants, or other bad raps on your criminal record. Criminal records are separate from Citadel to Citadel.

If you have any outstanding fines or whatnot, you will be detained until you are sorted out

if you have anything suspicious or enchanted, it will be confiscated on sight, only returned once they have been shown not to be dangerous or you can prove you have a permit.


  • Power Crystals
  • Weapons
  • Psicrowns (unless you have a permit)
  • Armor
  • Obviously enchanted clothing


  • Wands
  • Dorjes
  • Psicrystals

( * these things first must be tested to verify they aren’t dangerous. i.e. if you say you have a wand of minor healing, they will take it and test it to ensure it actually casts that spell. If it does, you’re good to go. If it casts a fireball, you might get detained. * )

Laws of the Citadels

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