Lovely Lady


RACE : Tsirakai
SEX : Female
GENDER : Female
CLASS 1 : Dread
CLASS 2 : Rogue

Tsekmere is a slim, tightly muscled Tsirakai who stands about 5’8" upright, though with some effort can rear up to almost 7 feet. When not wearing her wrappings and coat, her deep blue-green skin shows intricate patterns of tattoos across her shoulders, breast, back, and arms. She has a thin jaw and defined facial structure, with bladed cheekbones and a twin pair of crests on either side of her chin, which point forward just enough that the tips are level with the tip of her nose. As far as clothing goes, she refers tight wraps to apply pressure on her muscles with a long, heavy coat over her base layer to help her conceal all sorts of goodies. She has entrancing emerald eyes, and a pair of brilliant orange fins running down either side of her neck, the longest spines at her brow and the shortest at the base of her neck.

DEX: 20
CON: 11
STR: 10
CHA: 18
INT: 14
WIS: 7


Tsekmere landed herself in the Citadel of Trees, a massive grown dome of trees. Mostly inhabited by orcs and humans, it was not friendly to this fiesty serpent, but she made it just fine with her terror and intimidation. She had been living in a swamp a few hundred miles away, but her khmir was slaughtered and she has no family to speak of. She is alone in the city, and she likes it that way. She lives in the highest canopy, liking to sun herself and worship her god during the Dark Hours. She often sees airships float by and sometimes likes to scare them out of their wits, but she doesn’t make them crash. She has been hearing of a gathering of her people near the Citadel of Sand, but as of yet has failed to find a way out of the citadel that would help her obscure her weapons. The Citadel of Trees itself worships the human god Gaia, a matron of fertility and bounty. Her likeness is painted everywhere and Tsekmere finds it nauseating. She prefers to carve them in the likeness of her god Khumbra.


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