Little Seen, Little Heard


Race: Human
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: don’t care
Class 1: Rogue
Class 2: Ninja

Nui is a relatively nondescript Japanese looking girl. She’s about 5’ 2" tall, and he doesn’t have any obvious identifying marks on her body. They don’t have tattoos, or any large scars, piercings in obvious places, that sorta thing. His arms are covered in scars, but they’re almost invisible at this point. He appears to be about fifteen, but her eyes show that they’re older than that by at least ten years. Her eyes are brown, and her hair is shortish and black. She prefers wearing baggy black clothing unless otherwise needed, and enjoys relaxing with a book or something to expand his mind. Their voice is kinda high pitched, almost child like, and she can pass of as a child when needed to sneak into various places. Her weapons are simple and easy to conceal and he obviously hides them in not obvious places to get around laws in citadels and the like, except his defensive weapon they carry around when not in a citadel, her Kusarigama. Her number one goal is to get into the Silver City and figure out what’s up with it, and live of course. His curiosity knows no bounds, and they will do whatever it takes to get what they want done.
They currently have a major crush on the bartender, Teeni, but is afraid that she fucked up after they both did the frickle-frackle


Born and raised inside the massive Citadel of Trees, Nui lived in the canopy levels for most of her life, subsiding on fruits and his own willpower. Their small family fell prey to illness due to poverty, and Nui was left alone in the world to make her own way. She found a dojo and, intrigued by the ideas there, learned swiftly under his master’s tutelage. Sadly, their master passed away last month, and Nui is on her own. Again. Gah, it’s so boring in the citadel… What if he went exploring? They heard about a gathering of those mythic Undine things near the Citadel of Sand, and Nui had always had an itching curiosity about them.


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