A Lost Summoner


RACE: Kitsune
SEX: Male
GENDER: Neutral
PRONOUNS: they/them (becaue Eidolon)
CLASS 1: Summoner
CLASS 2: Magus

A Crater Kitsune with a horn in his forehead. Has brilliant orange fur with white underbelly, as well as white lines extending along the the interior of arms, legs, and along the neck to the back of the ears. Just shy of six feet tall, and typically wears loose japanese looking stuff of the same color as his fur when not wearing armor. Due to living as an effective urchin for most of their life, Adachi never really developed physically, even for a member of the Crater Kitsune, who were already fairly physically stunted. They take great pride in the physical appearance, and enjoy putting on drag shows for their own delight and occasionally for others.


STR: 7 – 2 INT: 16
DEX: 16 + 2 WIS: 10
CON: 12 CHA: 15 +3


Knowledge (Arcana) 4
Spellcraft 5
fly 3
Knowledge (planes) 1
Handle Animal 2
Linguistics 1
Intimidate 1
Bluff 2
Diplomacy 3
Preform (Dance) 3


Katana proficiency
weapon finesse
Dervish Dance (katana)

Spell book:

Magus Spells
  • ALL level 0 spells
  • Burning hands (LVL 1)
  • Snowball (LVL 1)
  • Corrosive Touch (LVL 1)
  • Feather Fall (LVL 1)
  • Grease (LVL 1)
  • Hydraulic Push (LVL 1)
  • Illusion of calm (LVL 1)
  • True Strike (LVL 1)
  • Reduce Person (LVL 1)
  • Blur (LVL 2)
  • Cat’s Grace (LVL 2)
  • Scorching Ray (LVL 2)
  • Acid Arrow (LVL 2)
Summoner Spells
  • Guidance (LVL 0)
  • Mage Hand (LVL 0)
  • Mending (LVL 0)
  • Message (LVL 0)
  • Resistance (LVL 0)
  • Detect Magic (LVL 0)
  • Icicle Dagger (LVL 1)
  • Life Conduit (LVL 1)
  • Mage Armor (LVL 1)
  • Rejuvenate Eidolon, lesser (LVL 1)
  • Ant Haul, communal (LVL 2)
  • Eagle’s splendor (LVL 2)
  • Evolution Surge, Lesser (LVL 2)
  • Rejuvenate Eidolon (LVL 2)
  • Haste (LVL 2)

From an isolated village of Crater Kitsune, you were attacked by raiders. You fought them off but when you stowed away, things were very scary, and you were immediately dumped in the nearest citadel, the Citadel of Sand. The citadel’s population of various furries welcomes and supports you, although you find it quite strange that these kitsune don’t have horns on their heads, and they find it strange that you do.


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