The World Inside

New Grounds to cover

I managed to finally leave the Citadel of Trees. I guess there was nothing keeping my interest. After paying my respects at my master’s altar one last time, I managed to get my hands on a kusarigama. I had to deal with some unsavory orc, he claimed his name was Boffir, I managed to sneak out with my weapons and dignity intact. Having hired a merchant to take me to the Citadel of Sand, I left the area, hopefully never having to come back.
That night, I overheard a scuffle between a Tsirakai and what I guessed to be some bandits or the like at the next campsite over. After making sure nothing was threatening, I went back to sleep. I actually met the same Tsirakai the next day, clamed her name was Tsekmere and she had a turtle… Slave i would say but it feels less like Tsekmere is her master but rather her leader? She called herself Vo I wouldn’t know I’m unfamiliar with the culture. Having briefly argued with Tsekmere about religion, I’m currently sitting in a wagon waiting for stuff to wrap up so I can search this Citadel for the gathering of Undines that appears to maybe be forming a couple dozen yards in the distance. I’m going to wait a bit, these tsirakai appear to be having some sort of ritual they’re performing soon and it looks fun to watch.

I've escaped

After meeting with that slime Boffir for one last time, I’ve managed to esscape the wretched Citadel of Trees, and am on my way to the gathering of my people near the Citadel of Ssands. Hopefully, this won’t merely turn out to be a chicken hunt, but at the very worst, at least I am free.

Welcome to Day One!
Your Trial By Fire Begins!

Don’t worry, i’m just trying to scare you. This post is a test. Greetings!


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